Collection: Epoxy Tumblers

A mixture of Ready to Ship, Custom, and Made to Order Handmade, FDA Compliant Tumblers.

PLEASE READ: ALL orders are subject to be recorded on TikTok Lives and/or made into a video unless we are asked not to. For Customs tumblers and added Customization, WE will email you for the details of your tumbler. In the meantime please check out the "Tumbler Deets" tab to take a look at our glitter and alcohol ink colors. Feel free to use the "Chat with us!" button if you have any questions.

Made to Order: Previously made tumblers recreated for you.

Ready to Ship: Ready-to-ship tumblers CAN be additionally customized upon request. These MAY require a final coat even if you do not want customization.

Custom: You come up with the designs, and I do all the work.

The Hayland + Co. Collab: Beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand-painted tumblers done by the amazing Haylie S. from Hayland + Co.